• 1 Company Advantages

    1) 100% manufacturer, professional supplier of eco bags
    2) In-house printing, lamination, cutting and sewing
    3) Experienced, high quality control
    4) Proceed instantly, offer you best
    5) Fast sampling time
    6) 10 years gold supplier

  • 2 Company History

    Founded in 2009 , Chenxing bag has been manufacturing shopping bags for over 10 years. In 2009, Chenxing bag got its start as a four-person business. Back then, our customers were so impressed with our packaging that they began making requests for our bags. Our sales, marketing and customer service staff is ready to assist you !

  •  20190125082156(001) Company Service

    1)We make 100% compensation to any quality claim of non woven bag raised by our clients, without preconditions.
    2)We ensure 100% of the agreed delivery time, if any delay, we afford the whole air transportation cost.
    3)We ship 100% of non woven bag order quantity without missing pieces

About Us

Cangnan Chenxing Bags Company specialized in producing shopping bags, non woven bags, pp woven bags, cooler bags, promotion bags, cotton bags and non-woven materials.
Our products have the functions of water proofing, environment protection and recycle. Our products can be applied to different areas, including supermarkets, homes, packaging, gifts and advertisements.

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  • 22/1
    Non-woven Bag Classification:
    Non-woven bags can be divided into: according to different production processes: 1. Spunlaced non-woven bag: It is a high-pressure fine water jet sprayed onto one or more layers of fiber web to entangle the fibers together, so that the fiber web can be reinforced
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